Thursday, November 17, 2011

Current Works in Progress

Hello there, reader! This blog will eventually be a place where I post updates on my writing activities and occasionally write general posts as well. For now, it's little more than a placeholder. However, this post will at least give you an idea of what's happening!

I tend to have several stories in the works at any given time so that I can switch between them if I hit creative walls on any one project. As long as progress is being made somewhere, it's acceptable to let one brew for a while. However, chances are that I'll get in the swing of single projects more as I enter drafting stages and do less switching.


The Blood of Morning (Knellblade Dyad, Book 1) (working title): 2%
Genre: Epic Fantasy
There's a long, LONG way to go. The Knellblade Dyad is going to be a pretty substantial work, and I'm still in the worldbuilding/character creation stages. There's a lot left to do here.

The Sapphire in the Spider's Web (working title): 1%
Genre: Science Fiction (leaning to Space Opera)
Once again, still very early in development. Still trying to find all the edge pieces before getting into the rest of the puzzle.

Galaxseed (working title): 1%
Genre: Science Fantasy
Much plotting and structuring remaining. So far, this is mostly just a small set of ideas, but it'll balloon like everything else.

The Well of Thunder (working title): 3%
Genre: Epic Fantasy
This is currently in the worldbuilding stages. Has shifted to the background for the moment, but it's one I'll definitely be returning to.

Natural Twenties: 1%
Genre: Drama/Comedy
This is a screenplay as opposed to the other projects, which are all novels. That means it probably won't take as long to finish, assuming I actually work on it, but it's not presently my focus project.

Deadshift (working title): 1%
Genre: Near-Future Science Fiction
This is a new story concept. I haven't yet decided whether to develop it into a novel or a screenplay.

Eyadrel's Tale (working title): 6%
Genre: Fantasy
A short story. I don't work in short fiction much, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Crowns Threnody (Series title; 3-4 books planned): 7%
Genre: Epic Fantasy
This started as a short story in concept, under the working title Terminal. As the story grew bigger, I started thinking of it as a novelette. Then a novella. Then a full-length novel. Now it's at least a trilogy, with provisions in place for a fourth book if I need the extra space for the story. The scale and scope of the story grew very quickly and exploded into something that I'm extremely excited about. I'm still structuring the plot and defining characters and arcs, but I can't wait to begin actually writing prose. This is my focus project.